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Poem in Quadrant

Andrew’s poem “Autumn Maples” has been published in the April 2019 issue of Quadrant magazine. The poem, a set of two tanka, is reprinted below:


Autumn Maples

.         .1

Spinning Out

As they spun out
during the scourging of Christ,
so the blood-drops
are hurtling from the maples
as the wind flogs their raw backs.

.         .2

Right Time

The south hemisphere
is not the maples’ true home
—and yet only here
do they perform the Passion
plays at the right time of year.

          © Andrew Lansdown

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New Book – Kyoto Momiji Tanka: Poems & Photos of Japan in Autumn

Rhiza Press has published a new collection of Andrew’s poems and photographs.

Kyoto Momiji Tanka is a stunning collection of poems and photographs celebrating the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, during autumn, when the maples (momiji) vividly colour the natural, cultural and emotional terrains of the Japanese.

The poems (written in a traditional Japanese form known as tanka) and photographs introduce readers to a fascinating world of Shinto brides, tanuki, spirit foxes, geisha, shakuhachi players and, of course, autumn maples.

Kyoto Momiji Tanka is a companion volume to Kyoto Sakura Tanka (Rhiza Press, 2016), which celebrates Kyoto in spring during the cherry blossom (sakura) season.

Read sample poems and view sample photographs on the Kyoto Momiji Tanka page on this website here.

Order a copy of Kyoto Momiji Tanka for $24.95 (free postage in Australia) through the Buy Books page on this website.

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Two Poems in Quadrant

The March 2019 issue of Quadrant magazine contains two of Andrew’s poems— “Of Maples and …”, a 5-tanka gunsaku, and “Windbells at Fushimi Inari Shrine”, a 4-tanka gunsaku. The first and third “Windbells” tanka are reproduced below:

Windbells at Fushimi Inari Shrine

.        .1


A shop at the shrine
selling big-tailed stone foxes
and toy-sized torii
has a dangle of windbells,
all dinging with the wind’s dint.

.        .3


There is everything
and nothing sacred about
this Shinto windbell
whose fashioned material
sounds out the ethereal.

          © Andrew Lansdown


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Three poems in Studio

The latest issue of Studio magazine (No. 145, 2019) contains three of Andrew’s poems: “Them Shoes”, “Miscellaneous Thoughts on Poetry” and “Suburban Birds”.

“Miscellaneous Thoughts on Poetry” is set of three tanka, while “Suburban Birds” is a set of five haiku. “Them Shoes” is a 52-line “free form” poem set in Bourbon Street in New Orleans. All three poems are included in Andrew’s latest book , Distillations of Different Lands, which has was released late last year by Sunline Press.

The first and last haiku in “Suburban Birds” are reprinted below:

Suburban Birds

.        .i
The overhead wire—
a pair of welcome swallows
singing in the sag.

.        .v
Such a lovely note—
how could I not look up to
find the pardalote?

          © Andrew Lansdown

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Don’t pay $335 for Andrew’s Novel, With My Knife

A British seller on is currently (as of 5th February 2019) offering a used copy of Andrew’s fantasy novel, With My Knife, for AUD $335 (GPD £181.19), plus postage. A second British seller is selling a used copy for AUD $270 (GPD £146.23)

An American seller on is currently offering a used copy of With My Knife for AUD $70 (USD $49.95), plus postage.

Four other American sellers on are offering new copies of Beyond the Open Door, the American edition of With My Knife, for AUD $70 – $75 (USD $49.95 – $52.22), plus AUD $35 (USD $24.95) postage.

While the With My Knife is worth every penny (at least, according to these sellers — not to mention the author!), there is in fact no need to pay such high prices.

After being out of print for nearly a decade, With My Knife is now available in an omnibus book that also contains Andrew’s novel Dragonfox and The Red Dragon.

This three-novel volume, titled The Chronicles of Klarin, was released by Rhiza Press in November 2018 and can be purchased for (a mere!) AUD $24.95, plus postage.

The Chronicles of Klarin can be purchased through this website, or though the publisher’s website, or though your local bookshop.

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Poem in Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal

Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal (Issue 25, 2018) has just published Andrew’s poem “Chimney Tree”.

Needless to say, his poem is a tanka, a poem written in a traditional Japanese form of five lines arranged in syllables respectively. (Andrew views this strict syllabic structure as the ideal and strives to duplicate it, although many tanka poets writing in English today disregard it altogether.)

Eucalypt‘s style is to dispense with titles, capital letters and full-stops. Accordingly, Andrew’s tanka was published in the journal as follows:

it’s a chimney tree,
that motley-barked wandoo with
its hollow branches—
come twilight, little bats will
waft from those flues like ashes

            © Andrew Lansdown

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New book – Trilogy: The Chronicles of Klarin


A trilogy of fantasy novels:  With My Knife   &   Dragonfox   &   The Red Dragon


Andrew Lansdown


Wombat Books (Capalaba, QLD), 2018
(paperback, 400 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-925563-58-0


PRICE: $24.95 (+ $5.00 postage in Australia)


Wombat Books has just released The Chronicles of Klarin, an omnibus edition containing Andrew’s much-loved fantasy novels, With My Knife, Dragonfox, and The Red Dragon.

For more details, go here.

You can purchase The Chronicles of Klarin for $24.95 (plus $3.00 postage) through this website at the BUY BOOKS page.

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Poem in Engaging Rome and Jerusalem


Andrew was delighted to discover recently that one of his poems has been published in a collection of essays by the eminent Australian historian, Edwin Judge.

Professor Judge’s book, Engaging Rome and Jerusalem: Historical Essays for Our Time (ISBN 9781925003901), was released by Australian Scholarly Publishing in 2015.

According to the publisher’s website, the book is “A collection of Edwin Judge’s essays on the angst and contradictions in modern civilisation in terms of the unresolved tension between Classical and biblical thought.”

Andrew’s poem, “Reaction to a Retard”, accompanies the essay “Who Programs Our Values?”, which is developed from “an oral presentation at the conference on ‘Mind and Machine’ held at New College, University of New South Wales, on 26 November 2004, in a session shared with the poet Andrew Lansdown” (p.185).

“Reaction to a Retard” was first collected in Andrew’s award-winning book, Between Glances (William Heinemann Australia, 1993). It is reproduced below:


Reaction to a Retard

Disgusting, really, the way it disfigures
the face—a lack of intelligence. The retard
on the ferry has nothing going for him
except his mother, who gives him a regard

I struggle to comprehend. I hear a quick
voice cry, Better to kill him before birth!
I look at him and shudder at my own depravity.
How easy it is to deny a person worth—

to limit the human, which is the image
of God, to the beautiful and clever,
and to forget there is in every person
a spark, a spirit, that abides for ever.

There is a worse disorder than the damaged
brain that disfigures the blameless face.
It is the derangement of the cogent mind
that deforms the heart by a denial of grace.

            © Andrew Lansdown

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2 Poems in Quadrant

The November 2018 issue of Quadrant magazine contains two of Andrew’s poems—”Windbells with Bamboos” and “Japanese Reflections”.

“Windbells with Bamboos” is a suite of three tanka, while “Japanese Reflections” is a set of four haiku.

Both these poems are included in Andrew’s new poetry collection, Distillations of Different Lands, published by Sunline Press in October.

Read more about Distillations of Different Lands on this website here.

You can buy a copy of the book ($22.95, postage included) through the BUY BOOKS page of this website.




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Geoffrey Lehmann’s poem on this website

A new page has been added to this website, to the OTHER POETS & POEMS section. It contains a poem, “Parenthood”, by the masterful Australian poet, Geoffrey Lehmann. Accompanying the poem is a critical analysis by another great Australian poet, Geoff Page. Both poets have granted Andrew permission to use their work on his website.

Read the poem and the critique here.


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New Poetry Collection – Distillations of Different Lands

Sunline Press has published a new collection of Andrew’s poems titled Distillations of Different Lands.

With a striking cover designed by Western Australian artist Andrew Gilchrist, the book consists of 111 poems occupying 144 pages.

The poems are wide ranging in subject, setting, theme and form, and are arranged into four sections, the four Different Lands of the title: I. HEARTLAND; II. JAPAN; III. HOMELAND; and IV. AMERICA.

Most of the poems have been previously published in magazines, newspapers and anthologies, including in: Asahi (Japan); Australian Book Review; Australian Love Poems 2013 (Inkerman & Blunt Publishers, 2013; rpt 2014); Australian Poetry Anthology: Volume 5, 2016 (Australian Poetry Publications, 2017); Australian Poetry Journal; Axon; The Canberra Times; Falling and Flying: Poems on Ageing (Brandl & Schlesinger, 2015); Famous Reporter; McMaster Journal of Theology & MinistryMeanjin; Prayers of a Secular World (Inkerman & Blunt Publishers, 2015); Regime; Studio; The Weekend Australian; and Westerly.

Read more about Distillations of Different Lands, along with several sample poems, on this website here.

You can buy a copy of the book ($22.95, postage included) through the BUY BOOKS page of this website.

You can also order Distillations of Different Lands from bookshops and through the publisher’s website,

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2 poems in Quadrant

The September 2018 issue of Quadrant magazine contains two of Andrew’s poems: “Them Shoes” and “Meditations on Emptiness”. “Them Shoes” is a free form poem of 26 stanzas and “Meditations on Emptiness” is a gunsaku consisting of two tanka. While the tanka suite is a sombre reflection on the human condition, “Them Shoes” is a light-hearted account of the poet’s encounters with festival-goers on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. The first two stanzas of “Them Shoes” are:

Everything is bourbon and bonhomie
here in New Orleans on Bourbon Street.

It’s party-time and revellers keep time
with trumpet, trombone, tuba and sax …

Both “Them Shoes” and “Meditations on Emptiness” are included in Andrew’s next book of poetry, Distillations of Different Lands, which will be released by Sunline Press later this month, September 2018.

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2 poems in The Mozzie

The Mozzie published two of Andrew’s poems in its July 2018 issue (Vol. 26, No. 6). Those poems are “Water for Worship” and “Shock”. Both these poems, the first a choka and the second a tanka, are included in Andrew’s next book of poetry, Distillations of Different Lands, which will be released by Sunline Press later this month, September 2018.

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Poem in Quadrant

The June 2018 issue of Quadrant magazine contains one of Andrew’s poems: “Wandoo Hollows”, a set of 3 haiku. 

The second haiku in “Wandoo Hollows” is:

Hallowing a branch

hollowed by rot and termites—

sacred kingfishers.

          © Andrew Lansdown

All three haiku in “Wandoo Hollows” are included in Andrew’s next book of poetry, Distillations of Different Lands, which will be released by Sunline Press in September 2018.

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Poem in The Mozzie

Andrew’s poem, “Birds of a Feather” (a 2-tanka gunsaku), was published in the June 2018 issue of The Mozzie (Vol. 26, No. 5). The first of the two tanka is reprinted below:

Black-faced honeyeater

Distracted briefly
by a bird hopping sideways
up a bamboo cane.
And I observe that it, too,
is struggling to keep a grip.

          © Andrew Lansdown

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Andrew Burke’s poems on this website

A new page has been added to this website, to the OTHER POETS & POEMS section. It contains eight fine poems by Andrew Burke, along with some biographical and bibliographical information about this highly regarded Australian poet. Have a gander here!

Here is an exquisite poems to arouse your interest:


There are prayers
that rise
from our wind chimes

as we sit
in veranda shade

smoke rises
from the hills
around us

Alice cannot keep
all her songs
inside her

So she gently hums
not to interrupt
our worrying

         © Andrew Burke
          from Mother Waits for Father Late

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