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2 poems in Weekend Australian Review

March 30th, 2017

The Review magazine, published by and distributed with the Weekend Australian newspaper, published two of Andrew’s poems last weekend, 25-26 March 2017. Both poems, “Kilter” and “Untrousered Tanuki”, are gunsaku, sets of haiku linked by common subjects/themes.

“Untrousered Tanuki” is a set of humorous haiku about the ceramic racoon-dogs called tanuki (pictured below) that abound in gardens and doorways in the Kansai region of Japan. Andrew has seen (and photographed!) hundreds of these scoundrels in Kyoto and Nara during several visits there with his wife, Susan.   

Photograph: Tanuki in Arashiyama © Andrew Lansdown


Untrousered Tanuki

Concerning the ceramic racoon dogs of Kyoto



Hey, tanuki,

did you model your bulges

on a sumo’s?



Your bamboo hat’s

tremendous, tanuki, but

where are your daks?



‘Have some decorum,’

a sumo tells a tanuki—

‘cover your scrotum!’



The expression

‘privates’, tanuki, is common

for good reason.



Even a flasher,

tanuki, doesn’t expose

himself forever!



Tanuki anthem—

Joe Cocker’s jaunty song, ‘You

can leave your hat on.’


…………..© Andrew Lansdown

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